Tears were filling her eyes as she revealed the deep hurt she had recently experienced. I had barely met Miranda twice before she went home for the New Year holiday. So when Dove and I met with her for the first time in over two months, I was shocked at how quickly she opened up to us.

Most friends give the typical response when asked how their holiday was: “Boring, nothing special, I just watched TV every day…” I was surprised when Miranda, without being asked said, “My holiday was very sad.”

She went on to explain how she made the long trip to surprise her boyfriend of 5 years with a visit. When she got to his apartment, she found another woman’s clothing inside, and was horrified with the realization he has been cheating on Miranda. With no other explanation, he simply told Miranda, “You and I are unsuited for each other.”

A mix of feelings hit her… shock…rejection …confusion…grief. She loved this man for so long, and now had no explanation for what went wrong. She was faced with the fact that he loved another woman and was done with Miranda. Would he change? Did he still love her? Should she take him back? The thoughts tormented her for the remainder of her holiday.

Back at school, Miranda hadn’t told a single soul what had happened. Every night, she cried herself to sleep, but never let her roommates or friends know the pain she was feeling. When she saw Dove & me, she said she felt safe, like we were her sisters. And she finally released some of the pain she had been keeping inside for weeks.

Miranda is interested in studying the Bible, so we are going to start reading together once a week and talking about it. Please pray that she would open her heart to the relationship our Father wants to have with her. That the sting of rejection she feels would cause her to run into the arms of the One who completely accepts her. Pray she will find the healing and unconditional love that He has for her!