This morning I got a text message from Chloe that said, “Ash, I’m sorry, but my company said if the students are there, I have to be there. I don’t think I can get any time off. And I wonder if you can do me a favor. The company is looking for some foreigners to do an activity for 1.5 hours. But it is 2 hours away from where you live. They will pay you for the activity and they will pick you up.”

A few days ago, I had asked Chloe to ask her employers at her part time job if they would give her time off for a special weekend retreat in the mountains that we want our brothers and sisters to take part in over the upcoming May Day Holiday.

This event will be packed with time to encounter God, teachings that will help them build relationship with Him, and fun time together as a family. I really do not want her to miss out on this!

It doesn’t surprise me that instead of helping Chloe, who is still a full time student, the company asked for more from her.

When I saw her text, I had an idea leap to my mind. I messaged back, “Chloe, if I come for free, will they give you time off? :)”

She responded immediately, “Oh, Ash! I don’t know how to thank you! I think if I call they will!” Within several minutes she messaged back and said that they gave her two days off!

“They said yes! Thank God, thank you! How happy I am! I can spend the May Holiday with you!”

There are so many creative ways that we can reach out to the people around us, love them, and serve them for the sake of Christ!

Please continue to pray for favor for me — Chloe’s company technically gave her May 1st and 2nd off, but our event has us getting back on the afternoon of the 3rd. I am going to ask her employers in person on Thursday if they will give her that extra afternoon off as well. I need the favor and authority of the Holy Spirit to pull this off. 🙂

Hell will do anything it can to prevent our friends from gaining intimacy with Christ. But HE is stronger! Please also pray for our event as the details of that weekend are being shaped up now that it truly would be a powerful time with God and deeply bonding time with each other and that many people would be able to come.