Thanks for praying for me and my team. We have gotten several of our guys plugged into discipleship and things are going well! One thing that really encouraged me was we were going over a lesson with a friend on baptism and what it means to be all in for God; to tell your friends, and follow Him even if your family tells you not to. We asked him if he would be willing to tell all his friends and follow God even if his family says not to? He responded “of course, I want to be just like you guys telling everyone about God, and if my family told me not to I would ask them why and try to show them how good God is.” That moment really stuck out to me. It was super encouraging because it showed me that this guy got it, that he really understood what it meant to live for God.

Our team just got back from a village trip to the wild west. Here we got to spend some time with people doing work with the minority people there. It was incredible to see how God had gifted them to do the work there and how different it is from the work we do here in x town. The culture there has very heavy accent from the middle east including the Muslim culture and the dress associated with that. It stuck out to me as well how much more they lay down to reach the people there, the way they dress, the way the live, and not being able to see friends and family very often. It was an amazing and eye opening trip! Pray that God would send more workers there. There are so few!

Two fun highlights of the trip for me were riding camels with my team (one of which spit on me!) and being able to spend some quality time talking and laughing till it hurt on the train ride back.

For the camels we rode them a little ways into the desert, hopped off, enjoyed the sand dunes, and then rode them back. Quite the experience! The train ride back was full of laughs and good conversation it was a refreshing time for me and my awesome teammates.