The parties we’ve been having are going really well. Last week,
I had several girls over and had a “beauty night” where we played
games, painted our nails, and ate dinner together. Before dinner, I
shared with them about what real beauty is, how it comes from the
heart, but how the only way to have a beautiful heart is to have a
pure heart.

” How can we have a pure heart?” I asked. “It seems like, no matter
how many good things I do, I can’t erase the fact that I’ve lied,
or stolen, or cheated. The bad things still remain. So, how can I
be made pure? How can I really have a beautiful heart??”

Then my new friend Judy exclaimed, “I don’t know! It’s
impossible!!” As soon as she said that, I felt really encouraged.
“It IS impossible,” I said. “It is impossible to do this on my own.
But there is a way. There is one person who can forgive and erase
all the impure things from my heart.” And then I got to share with
them about who Jesus is and about his great love for us.

I would appreciate prayer for the effectiveness of these parties,
that the truth would go forward and put hunger in girls’ hearts,
specifically for these girls: Judy, Yu Ting, Allison, Jia Lan,
Emma, Xiong Yin, Daphne, and Debbi.

We’re also having a Gospel sharing party soon.
Please ask God that the right people would come and that their
hearts would be opened to the saving power of Christ!

Thank you to everyone who has been interceding for me and for the
work here. Your prayers mean so much to me, and to the girls. I
can’t thank you enough! Day by day, God works to restore his
daughters to his side. He hears us and he uses us! Don’t forget
it!! 🙂

To win for the Lamb,