Last semester, God put it on my heart to start a Bible Study (only using the local language) with a couple of friends.  As I added the idea to my list of goals, I was more than intimidated and even doubted that it could be possible.  I came into this new city with very little ability to speak the language, let alone, try to lead an organized study.  So, at first, I put the idea on a shelf and forgot about it.

While I was at out annual retreat and during the CT internship (Jan-Feb), the idea started to come back and my heart began to get excited.  Last week, as a team, the five of us came up with a list of goals for the next semester.  Once again, I wrote down my desire to begin a Study. I’ve been praying about it for the past week and a half and now I am asking for your prayers! 

Next week, I am planning to begin the Bible Study!  I have a couple girls that I am considering asking to join. Please pray that God will give me wisdom and direction.  Also, my language abilities have definitely improved a lot, but there is still so much that I don’t know.  Please pray that as I meet with these girls, I will have supernatural ability to share with them and understand all that they are sharing with me. I know that this is something of God, and I am sooooooo excited!