After you read this update, I’m expecting you to (at least want to)
get up and dance a little. Give yourself a little room – ignore the
guy in the cubicle next to you – take a trip back to whatever era
you best prefer and get ready to bust a move. I have some news.

We have a new church! I’m not kidding! For the last four weeks,
we’ve been meeting in the guy’s apartment on Sunday afternoons to
worship the Lord with our friends, and it’s been amazing.

Let me tell you about it. After the winter break ended, we realized
that we had an opportunity to bring our new brothers and sisters
together and pursue the ultimate goal of starting a first ever
fellowship on our campus. When we began preparing for this new
season, our team had gotten a word from the Lord that the church
here would be “simple and effective.” While praying and
strategizing as a team, we pursued two basic goals. The first is
that we can create a time where people can go to experience Jesus.
The second is that the elements and structure wouldn’t be dependent
on us – that they can be easily reproduced by our friends at any
time and in any situation.

The Lord gave us three basic components:  testimony time, worship,
and prayer for each other. We also have a meal together afterwards
and time to hang out or play games. And as we’ve walked that out,
we’ve seen a TON of fruit.

The community that we have together feels really authentic. The
feeling we’ve been sensing from our friends is that they especially
like being together, and that it’s quickly become a priority in
their lives. Yvonne even started calling me “sis.” We’re a family.

Our worship time is really Spirit led. We sing about five songs –
and only one of those is in English. My team has been learning how
to genuinely worship in another language and we’ve been able to
help our friends learn how to meet, hear, and speak with God on a
deep, personal level.

It’s growing rapidly. The first week we met, we had 2 people. The
following week we had 4; the third week we had 6, and last week we
had 12 friends come! Friends are bringing friends and God is
opening up people’s hearts.

And, most importantly, our friends are really encountering Jesus
and experiencing his love. Since we’ve started meeting on Sundays,
THREE GIRLS have made the decision to give their lives to the Lord!
Welcome to the family Amy, Ma Cool, and Polly.  Amy is a new
friend with an incredible amount of drive and leadership. Ma Cool
is a very new friend (we just met her for the first time last
Sunday, the day she got saved!). She is unique because she is froma  minority group that is heavily Islam. Polly is a special
friend to us too; I wrote about her several months ago. It’s been
amazing seeing the process that God has brought her through! She’s
already showing signs of rapid maturity and growth in the faith.

We’ve already baptized Yvonne, Helen, Yang Zai Jing, and Amy, along with our new brother Peter, and Polly will be baptized next Sunday.

So! I told you this would be an amazing update! I can’t believe
that we get to be part of the incredible things God is doing here.

Praise Him and Rejoice!