Over the past couple of weeks, I have been able to witness multiple stories of what God is doing in the lives of my friends.  It is beyond encouraging seeing the way friends are growing closer in their relationships with God.  On top of that, it is on their hearts to share His Good News with their friends and families!

Catherine is a sister from last year.  In the past couple weeks, she has brought two new friends (Ken and Effie) to the fellowship.  She has had the opportunity to share with them both about what it means to be a believer.  Both of these friends are hungry to know more about God.  In fact, on Easter Sunday, Catherine went with her friend Ken as he bought his first Bible!  Later that night, he sat at our party and read his Bible.  He is searching!  Each time we see him, he has new questions and he comes closer and closer to becoming a Christian!

A couple weeks ago, my friends went to the beach for the day.  While sitting at the beach, they met a girl named Vicky.  There was no doubt in their minds that this was a divine appointment by God.  They spent the afternoon sharing God with her.  After becoming a Christian, she immediately gave her new Bible to her brother-in-law and started to share with him about how great God is.  Since then, we have met with Vicky several different times.  While she is so new in her faith and she has so much to learn, there is no doubt that God is already using her and that He has extraordinary plans for her life. 

Apple has been a believer since the beginning of the year.  As I met with her this week, she had many new testimonies of where she felt God’s presence in the past week.  She was telling me about how she would like to get an English Bible.  From there, we went to a book store and she bought a really nice NIV Study Bible for approximately four US dollars!  God is definitely her provider!  Apple was also excited to share with me about how she called her cousin and told her about becoming a believer.  Her cousin said she wants to hear more when she sees Apple in person.  Apple is planning on buying her a Bible and sharing more when she goes home in the summer.

These are three stories out of dozens that I could share.  With only six weeks remaining until I come back home for the summer, I am expectant of big things! God’s Truth is being revealed to this nation.  I expect to see many more of our friends come into the family before returning to the States.  On top of that, I know that God will use these believers to reach out to their friends and families as we all watch the Great Commission unfold before our eyes. 

Thanks for all your prayers, please know that God is using you to change this nation!