This past week was a good one here in G-town.

It started on a Wednesday night, where Knight and I went to a canteen and picked two guys to sit next to, have dinner with and hopefully share the good news with if we could. We talked a bit and then they had to go to class, so we got their numbers to hang out with them again in the future.

On Friday, we met them again, and they brought a friend. This time we did get to share with them about Jesus. When we asked them if they wanted to believe, one said no, one said maybe, and one said yes!

We talked with Arron (the one who said yes, pronounced like Aaron) some more about it and prayed with him to receive Jesus. What a great and fruitful time!

But that wasn’t the end…

Later in the afternoon I got a text message from one of the girls on the team saying that her and her roommate just led two girls into the family!

But wait, there’s more!

Saturday we trained Arron how to share the good news and helped him to write a list of all of his friends and family. When we asked him how they would all get to know God, he said, “I can share with three people every day. In one week I can share with 20, and in one month with 100!” I hope he does! Regardless if he shares with five people this week or 20, it’s great to see God working in his life already.

Still not done?!?

On Saturday night at around 10pm, a combination of one of the girls here in G-town and some Asian friends prayed with another girl who wanted to follow Jesus! Praise the Lord!

We definitely were celebrating this week, and our spirits were high. However, we were also reminded of the reality that if four people started following Jesus every week and that was all we saw, we would be losing the battle in the vision God has given us, to reach the whole campus.

Please pray that we start seeing multiplication! That is what it will take to reach the campuses, and the rest of Asia for that matter. If the Spirit doesn’t move, all our efforts will fall flat. Lord help us!