God really showed us His heart and saving power this week in G-town. It’s amazing how His Word is true.

Last week a few CT leaders and I attended a church planting movement training in Singapore. The training lasted for three days, after which we as a leadership team got together and spent the next day processing together and planning. I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that it was one of the most strategic, important and exciting trainings I’ve ever received. After those four days, we spent another two days connecting with people in Singapore (my teammate’s home is there, and none of us had ever met her family or church or anything!).

A strongly emphasized idea during the training was that it is not our job to convince someone to believe in Jesus. It is the Holy Spirit’s job. He is constantly attacking people’s hearts and preparing them to receive the gospel. Our job is to clearly present the good news to them and give them the opportunity to respond.

After returning to G-town, I laid out this vision again to the team. Just go. Share the good news. See what happens. The Holy Spirit is with you and preparing people’s hearts for you.

Well, He did it! Two of the girls on the team were sitting near a student (named Wendy) on campus, and felt strongly that they should talk to her. They chatted briefly and exchanged numbers, and eventually met for the first time this past Sunday.

Clover, a girl on my team, shared her testimony, dispelling the belief Wendy had that your beliefs are a product of how you were raised. After that, the girls shared the good news with her, and right there Wendy believed in Jesus! The first time they met, Wendy believed! Praise the Lord!

Things are going well and the spiritual atmosphere feels like momentum is gaining and building. I’m so excited for what will happen in these next few weeks. Please be praying for us! As for me, Knight and I just shared the good news fully with my tutor from last year, and I think it was the first time he actually heard the heart and center of what it means to believe in Jesus. He seemed open, so please join me in praying that the Lord continues to give him understanding and revelation.