“But… but…”
“I really wanted that ice cream cone!”
Tears, completely irrational tears started to well up in my eyes after our food delivery order was canceled.
I looked at Adriel.
He looked back at me with loving urgency and said,
“We’re getting a pregnancy test tomorrow.”

Aaaand he was right!
We’re having a baby!
In April 2018, our team grows by one!

We are so excited to share this happy news with you!
I (Ashley) started having visions and dreams about the future children Dad would give us soon after Jay and I were married, and a longing to meet them was planted in my heart from that moment on. We have been patiently waiting for the right time to start building our family, and that time is now! Hooray!!

I am 13 weeks pregnant and just finishing the end of the first trimester. The baby is about the size of a lime and has a heartbeat at 151 bmp!

We’ll be communicating more about our plans for delivery as the date gets firmed up, but the general plan is to deliver the baby stateside and return to Asia a couple months after his or her arrival!