What a trip!!! We just got back from another area in Asia. In one week, I used just about every type of transportation that Asia has to offer (car, plane, bus, taxi, van, fast train, slow train, sleeper train, ferry, horse, dirt bike). It was an amazing trip where I got to meet some truly amazing people! They have surrendered literally everything to serve God. My 4-month trip seems so small compared to what they have done.

We visited a few Buddhist Temples which were cool, yet scary. Many statues and pictures of gods/demons that were crushing humans. It just felt very dark. We prayed and sang songs in every temple that we went to. The enemy was not happy with our presence. Many of my friends experienced nightmares and lack of sleep.

This was my first time experiencing that kind of warfare. One night, in particular, we had a 2-hour prayer session which was awesome, but that night was the worst night for my friends. People were hearing and seeing things. My roommate saw something walk across our bedroom. Most people got less than 3 hours of sleep. It was just weird. But we serve an awesome God. He always loves, always trusts, and always protects us. No one broke-down or felt that it was too much to handle because we all knew how much bigger our God is!