Bing Feng!

That’s the code text we send each other whenever someone joins the family.

Bing Feng is actually a special type of drink that’s popular here in the X. It’s essentially a magic orange soda that people drink two at a time — especially if you’re Sonny. When someone decides to start a relationship with Jesus, we all text each other, “bing feng!” or “bing feng x2!” depending on how many people join the family at once 🙂 Then, when we meet together on Monday for our family party (aka, church), we pop open a bing feng, pray a blessing over our new brother or sister, and then toast Jesus for his great work.

And since my last update, we’ve sent out TWO of those text messages! At our Sunday fellowship last week, one of the guys brought a friend they’d met at KFC and shared with before — over lunch after our fellowship, he declared that he had a new faith and turned his life over to God! Then, the girls led one of their friends into the family that they just met that day!

Bing feng!! Thank you so much for praying into what God is doing over here. People here are thirsty for truth and for love. HE is living water and he’s using you and me to quench their thirst.