Sonny and I had an incredible time in New Zealand as we taught at a conference workshop, ministered at a YWAM base, taught a Bible school class, exchanged stories with a small group, and connected with some absolutely incredible people! It was a jammed-packed five days— filled with Wikipedia searches about wallabies, escapades in Hobbiton and constant excitement learning to drive on the left side of the road. I wish I could adequately express the details of the whole trip to you, but I’ll give you a glimpse with this story…

As we drove to the leadership conference the first morning, Sonny looked at me and said, “Let’s just trust the Lord to make the right connections for us.” We spent the next few minutes just entrusting our time to the Lord and asking Him to connect us to the right people. We got out of the car and headed into the lobby. Within the first minute we were there, the founder of the movement’s widow, a sweet and gentle woman with incredible influence, walked over to me, gave me a hug and asked if she could connect with us during the tea break that morning. At the same time she was talking with me, a man approached Sonny and asked to connect later in the day. And that is how the rest of our time at the conference was, God-ordained connection one after another.

I left so encouraged by not only the connections that were made and the movement’s heart for Asia, but by the incredible way we were loved on and blessed by their hospitality and fathering hearts towards us. It was such a refreshing conference for me personally — it felt like my home church in NY and the church I worked with in Mexico combined into one. It felt like home. Even the rolling hills laced with trees, the blue skies sprinkled with fluffy clouds, and the sunny weather made perfect by the crisp breeze all reminded me of home in Upstate New York (in the summer!); so different, yet familiar.

Meanwhile, God continued to do fantastic things in C-Town too! While I was gone, Hershey and Leroy along with Sam, an awesome brother visiting from Singapore, were able to share with a guy they met playing basketball. David wasn’t ready to believe just yet, but after he heard our brother Ian share his story at our Friday Party, he was ready. I came home and met our new brother! And let me just say, David is absolutely incredible and powerfully anointed. This past Wednesday, David initiated and organized an outing to karaoke with a bunch of friends so that we could all have fun together and share God with them. On Thursday, while walking around campus we talked to him about hearing God’s voice; David then gave a prophetic word to one of our friends. And last night at our Friday Party he was able to lead 2 girls in joining the family!

God is moving all around the globe!