Okay. We all like getting stuff on Christmas. Some of us aspire to be more altruistic and claim that we only like to give gifts. Psh.  Deep down, we all know that it is totally awesome when someone gives you a special present.

No matter what we get, if we get anything at all from our friends or family, the one most special gift we could ever receive is the gift of salvation. Jesus came to the world to save us. He gave up his life for mine. He died so that I wouldn’t have to. And that gift, that precious, precious gift, also now belongs to FIVE NEW SISTERS!

HAHA! YEE-AAAH! Five new sisters! This week has been amazing! Sophia, Yang Zai Jing, Sarah, Helen, and Yvonne all made the decision to give their lives to the Lord. In a moment, in that one instant, in that small breath when they said ‘yes,’ their entire lives were changed.  Eternity changed. They can be with their Father. They can come home!

I wish you could all be with me here to see their smiles and hear the joy in their voices. Right before Yvonne prayed with us, she happily looked at us and said, “I’m about to have my second birthday!” And as we finished praying, looked at her unsaved friends and said, “I hope you can join our family soon too!” Haha what a little evangelist!

We’ve also seen significant changes in our other friends’ hearts. Girls whose hearts were hard are suddenly more open, softened towards the Lord. Our friend Christina, who at the beginning of the year said she flat out wasn’t interested, suddenly came up to me our big Christmas party and said, “I have so many questions…how do I become a Christian? How do I develop my relationship with God? I really hope I can believe one day. It’s so wonderful.”

I’ve had the most amazing Christmas ever. There are certain things I’ll never stop missing about home, and of course I wish that I could be with family. But this…this is worth it. Praise God for his unfailing love!

 Thank you so, so much for all your prayers! Your hearts and hope combined are making a huge impact. If we don’t tire, we will continue to bring in the harvest!

 Merry Christmas! Wishing you peace, joy, and closeness with God,

Your friend and sister,