We had finishing rehashing a debate from the night before about if a Fruit rollup is a snack or a candy and Acorn, my leader, reminds us why we are having this meeting. We started off talking about all the people who have joined the family this year and where they each are at. Then we start talking about what we would like to see the Church that we are planning to start look like. We talk about Worship and testimony time and many other things, but what struck me wasn’t the details of it but just the fact that we are doing it! That after being here for about a year and a half we are finally starting a Church! This what we came here to do, our mission, and it was just so exciting to think that we have now reached to place where we are ready to do that.

We haven’t had any meetings of our newly thought up Church yet but we plan to have the first meeting in about a week and I am really looking forwarded to it. We have 4 guys now who have come in to the family, the latest of which was just a few days ago, and we have about 4 girls who will be in the Church too. I have high hopes for this group that we are starting. I think that it will be the beginning of a movement across my campus.

Really the credit for this goes to the man upstairs but I would also like to thank all of you for you thoughts, encouragements and support for the work that I do. I know that I am not always the most consistent at keeping in touch but you all have stuck with me and I do love getting email from all of you. Without all your support I would have never made it here and I certainly would not have lasted long, so thanks so much! God has truly used you as well as me in bring theses things to come to pass.

Besides thinking about the new Church these past 2 months or so while my friends have been on winter vacation we have used this time as a time of refreshing and teaching. I feel like I have learned a lot about me and about how to do what I do, but also just been reminded of the basics of the faith. Which is what I talk about all the time but it is still easy to lose sight of them and get caught up in all the doing of life and work, and forget the being of what it means to be a Son of our God.

I also did some traveling this during this time I went to Thailand again and to my group’s annual retreat. I also got to take a trip to a city in the north east. It was very, very cold there but it was a lot of fun and I got to see giant ice sculptures and other fun things but also had the chance to scout out several campuses up there where we will eventually be sending teams.

Anyways that has been my past two months or so, sorry for not writing sooner and I love to hear from you. Please think of the requests below in your prayers to God.



  1. For the Church that we are starting: that it would be centered on God and that our friends would be committed to it.
  2. For the new family members that their faith would be strong and grow. That they would fully understand fully what it means to be a part of God’s family.
  3. For me as I will be traveling again to see some minority people here and will be going to the country side for really the first time. Just ask that God would keep me safe and guide me.