The music started. The Asian version of “The Lost Are Found” sets the stage for our skit. Acting as a student taking finals, I sit down and pantomime the beginning of an exam and look over at another student’s test. It begins – my ankles are being tied down to a chair by Dove and Marian who have the words – SIN – written on them in the native language. I’m not really aware of it, and I don’t seem to pay attention or care when McDoogle places the words,  LIE – around my neck (written in the native language). Everyone does that. Then as I act out vanity and anger, those words get placed around my neck, too.

I start to feel the weight of sin. With one hand I try to cover up the placards and with the other I frantically try to untie my legs, but Sin has its grip on me and I quickly lose control of my arms as they too are bound to the chair. Pride, envy, hate and other accusations are draped over me – all written out in thick black native language. Although I fight it, Sin then grabs my face and writes the word,  DEATH – over my forehead(written in the native language). I begin to cry. And I didn’t have to fake the tears.

Then Jesus, played by Indy, walks in. He looks at me but I am so ashamed I continue to cry. He holds up in front of me a pair of scissors and pauses just briefly before extending his hand. I look at the scissors and then at him, and I eagerly nod yes. Sin is immediately pushed away from me and Jesus cuts the cords which bind me and sets me free. He then rips the sins that were hanging on my neck and gently wipes death off my forehead.

Tenderly, Jesus begins to give me gifts. The first gift I receive is the gift of ETERNAL LIFE. Then FREEDOM. Then hope, peace, faith, self control, love and others. At the last sound of the song, I jump into his arms for a hug.

Soon after our skit ended, more than 8 girls crammed themselves onto my bed and we began to talk about what they had seen and heard from our sharing. “I was so moved when the student was given freedom,” my friend Li said. “But I don’t know how to change the fact that all my life I’ve been told there is no God.”

Another girl started speaking rapidly. She asked me how I started a relationship with Jesus and how my life changed because of it. So I told her everything.

The Holy Spirit is moving in so many of our friends hearts. And after opening my story to them and answering some questions about what it means to follow Jesus and start building an intimate relationship with Him, TWO GIRLS decided to give their lives to Him, right there on the spot!

Praise God! Eternity was changed that night!  We shared The Story with at least 80 people over last weekend! And three people in total decided to follow God! We know that His word never fails and that He is on the move! There is more to come!

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers! We are seeing wonderful things happen here and experiencing the grace of God in a really powerful way. At several different points over these last few weeks, I and my team felt like there was no possible way we had enough energy or ability to get through the task in front of us. And yet, in those very moments, I think we all felt the fulfillment of the promise that when we are weak, He is strong. 🙂

Our own Christmas time was also really sweet. We made food, watched Christmas movies, exchanged gifts, and got some much needed rest.

I hope your Christmas was wonderful, too! Enjoy the snow for me!