I wanted to make sure I passed on some exciting news from our team in Asia this last week.

Two Fridays ago I wrote you, asking to be praying for our team in Asia, for both their protection and to see more students come to know Christ. Just a few days after I wrote you I received this email from one of our leaders in K-town, the city where the car accidents occurred:

This is what he wrote:

“Saturday morning we got a text from one of the girls our girls have been spending time with and pouring into – She decided to follow Jesus!

Then, Sunday evening we have our Asian fellowship. The Sunday before our prayer time, two Asian people showed up. The Sunday after? 20+ showed up, at least seven of those believers. For the practice time, we broke up into groups to practice sharing the good news (with those that hadn’t believed yet). Two of the little groups were led by some of our good soil people who got the chance to model how to share the gospel for some of their friends, and the other four groups were led by our team members. My partner and I each modeled how to share the Gospel for believers in our groups, while the other team just had non-believers. That evening FOUR students chose to follow Jesus, and one student chose to rededicate his life to the Lord (sort of a situation like, my family all believes and I’ve kinda just went along with it, but now I’m making this real for me. At the end, when asked who believed that night, he raised his hand). Our group and core of believers is finding traction and momentum.

Prayer WORKS!!! Not only did the Holy Spirit move powerfully in our groups and among our believers, but specific prayers were answered. One of the things that we prayed for Thursday night was for a breakthrough with our first generation believers, that they would be effectively trained in sharing the gospel and catch a vision for the campus. Seeing their friends start to follow Jesus is becoming normal for them. It’s just what happens as a Christian – you share the gospel with your friends and strangers, and people believe.”

How awesome is that?!?!

Thanks to those who were praying… Keep it up. God is moving on the hearts of the students in Asia!