One day at 6:30 am, Autumn woke up to a text message from someone she had called the night before.

“I was so excited to hear your voicemail! I’m on the mission board at my church, and we have been praying for a missionary to support for over a year! I would love to meet with you to hear more!”

That is a pretty awesome way to start the day! That same morning, we had a Skype call set up with Sonny, our friend and leader. We told him about the encouraging message we just got and he quickly asked what time we received her text.

When we told him he said, “Wow, that’s crazy. I was praying for you at that exact time that churches would volunteer to get on board and support you guys.”

That message was from our friend Lorrie and just this month they decided to adopt us as their missionaries! God is so faithful!

INCREDIBLE things have been happening as we’ve met with friends, pastors, and churches. The outpouring of love, financial support, and prayers has been absolutely amazing!

By the grace of God, we will be going back to Asia THIS MONDAY, just in time for CT’s annual leadership conference, which is happening in Malaysia for two weeks. There we will meet with other leaders to worship, pray and plan strategically for the upcoming year. We’re excited to be able to participate!

Here are some ways that you can be praying for us as we head out. Pray for a smooth travel and transition back to life in Asia. Pray for the conference in Malaysia, that we would be able to hear clearly from the Lord. Pray that we would transition smoothly into the new leadership role of leading the city of X, and have a great time reconnecting with the current ministry team and asian friends.

Lastly, we wanted to especially ask that you would pray for our families. Although they aren’t going to Asia, they still have to pay a price and count the cost. It is very hard to say goodbye — for us and for them. We are very proud to have such great parents and we couldn’t do this without their love and support.