“Blaire, if you knew that He was the best option, which would you choose?”

Goulda and Merah, my roommates, had met Blaire only days before this, and now, she was sitting in our living room hearing the Good News for the second time in her life; the first being when Goulda had shared with her just days before.

As we shared, there were many hard questions being asked. But it was obvious that something was holding her back from saying “yes,” even though everything she was saying told us that she wanted relationship with Him!

It was then that the Holy Spirit spoke to me. “She is afraid of what it’s like after saying ‘yes.’ She’s afraid that I don’t have the best for her.”

I turned to Blaire and shared everything that the Holy Spirit had just spoken. She nodded her head; that was it! It was exactly what she was afraid of! As we re-wrote the lies that she was believing into truths, Blaire came to the place where she knew He was the best and that she wanted to choose Him.

She chose the pearl of greater price.

Some other recent highlights:

– We had a retreat with our local brothers and sisters where 38 people attended! It was an awesome time of equipping and encouraging! Many walked away from that time excited to go home and share the Gospel with their families!

From that retreat:
– One of our brothers, Daniel, has already seen his parents say “yes” to God in this holiday time!
– 4 of our brand new brothers and sisters got connected with the church through this event! Talk about an awesome way to meet the family!
– Our national church took on its identity as the Dandelion Church with emphasis on being a multiplying church

– I got to train some of our long-term workers from our various cities, equipping them for their next season in leading training groups and effectively discipling!
– Our local church is officially sending out its first worker named Climbing into an area here that has many unreached people! He has been living there the last few months raising up a local minority brother!
– Over the last month, my leader has been raising me up to preach, so I’ve gotten to preach both at our foreign church and at the local retreat in the local language!