Hey everyone! Blessings to you and I pray God is with each of you in a powerful way. In my next few blogs, I wanted to take some time to tell you the stories of different salvations that happened in Asia!

This is the story of Marshall, probably my closest friend in Asia:
I met Marshall on the basketball court, connected with him through that and through the art of hip-hop. I went to his house, recorded a song with him, took him out to eat afterward and there is where his long journey of hearing from the Lord began. He started going to Bible studies, prayer night, and received healings in his body. He did not accept the Lord during those times, but that didn’t stop us from showing him God’s love every single time we could.

Five months went by and he asks me to go play basketball with him one night and I said “Yes.” Afterward he asked if I would like to go eat dinner and again I said “Yes.” Just to give you a picture of what God was doing, he brought us to the first place where we preached to him. So we grab our food and I just start telling him how much God loves him. He asked more questions and now he was listening and being receptive. We get to a point where he says, “But I just need an experience with God to know He is real.” so at this point

So at this point I am out of cards, I don’t know what else to say and I hear God tell me, “Go outside and pray for him. I am going to reveal myself to him.” I listened, took him outside, we prayed and at the end of it, he said he has seen Jesus. I said, “Marshall how much more evidence do you need?” He said, “I don’t need any more evidence.” He accepted the Lord that night and got baptized a few weeks later, started preaching the Gospel to his friends and going full forward for the gospel!

There are so many people like Marshall who need to hear the Gospel but if no one goes how will they know?