Have you ever just wanted to brag on our Lord? Give him all the glory? well
it should be like that always! haha but i want to put the lights on, with
what happened to my friend Leo! From the first time we sat down with him,
we had lunch, he was a really cool guy, loved to talk, and then when we got
on the topic of Jesus, he was like yea this makes sense, and then he
started to explain why Jesus is a good being to believe in and me and my
partner are like….yea!!

That was the first time he heard the Gospel
spoken to him and it just clicked, he knew God is real, he agreed with
everything we said, we led him to the Lord, we got him a Bible and after a
while he started to tell all his friends about God! wow that is the God
that we serve, taking a nation that wants nothing to do with him, and
starting a revival!

And not too long ago, we sent a group of Asian believers
into the mountains, two by two to preach the gospel to unreached people
groups and we 3 people come to know God! God is moving!