Our first month in married life has been filled with laughter and fun times! We were both so excited to have the blessing to go to Disney World and Orlando Studios for our honeymoon! Unfortunately, early in the morning shortly after we arrived, Aladdin had a stabbing pain in his chest and a painful squeezing happening in his stomach. I called 911 and we rushed to the hospital, hoping that they could give him some antibiotics and we would be on our way. But it was a much longer trip, two and a half days to be exact! I was of course was worried sick, and was so happy to have him back after the unexpected trip! What the doctors had concluded was that when Aladdin took his missions trip to Ecuador, he caught a bacterial infection and it was a severe one. They gave him powerful antibiotics and to help his body he also took some probiotics.

Thankfully, Aladdin has been doing really well ever since he left the hospital. We still ask that you keep his health in your prayers as we prepare to go back to Asia!!

We would both  like to thank all those who gave their financial and prayerful support in this last season. It was not an easy one for us, and we greatly appreciate all of those who invested in us!