God bless each of you in a tremendous way! Something very special is on its way here. Starting August 8th, 11 new people are going to begin their journeys on their way to Asia for 9 months! I am very excited to be a part of this transition with them! For 2 weeks straight they will be trained on how to share the Gospel to Asian students, how to live among them, different culture shocks they will go through, preparing physically and spiritually, and getting fully funded if they are not. These different classes will not only prepare them for the field, but also will be a way to do life with them right before they get on that plane and become world changers!

Please pray that everyone will come into TrainingCamp fully funded so they are able to embrace everything we have for them. Please lift up any fears that they are feeling about going to another country and talking about God would be out of their mind and that they would have confidence knowing this is what God has called them too.

Also, please pray for me and the ministry in the States and that I will lead well and to sow everything I have into this new group of world changers as I will be a co-team leader and a support raising coach. I want to let God flow through me and be there for all of them.