1. November is not only about no-shave November or Movember now, it’s a great harvest month for us —
6 new members have joined the family!

2. Two girls that we are discipling have SOO much breakthroughs in their relationships with God. Deborah has brought in one of her friends to the family for the first time! And she will lead her in having her own relationship with God. And Amber, God has been leading people to her in such awesome miraculous ways. She had been actually asked by her friend to give a talk about God in front of a group of people; that same friend, also requested a Bible from her knowing that she’s a daughter of God. She did it. When she was telling me all this, I felt the authority from God has been given to her 🙂

3. Halloween partayy! Who could have thought Halloween would be a way to get a new sister to join the family. Tina, a lively young college freshman, came to our Halloween party and decided to start a relationship with God. I get to hang out with her weekly to equip and share with her what it means to follow God.