The Harvest is over, it’s time for Fruit! Hello! How are you liking this colder weather? It seems like a funny time to be expecting fruit from a harvest that has already ended, but boy are we seeing fruit like never before! We are able to connect with so many college students because of your investment in our ministry, and below are just two of many stories that have happened with us reaching out to college students!

Aladdin met Robert at BASICcon (Brothers and Sisters in Christ Conference) a year ago during our pizza lunch. Robert was talking to a group of us, and brought up that he rapped and his friend was a beat-maker, so Aladdin was called over to join the conversation. Aladdin and Robert had a fun time talking about music and Asia, and Robert seemed really excited about what we do in Asia, so Aladdin kept in contact with him throughout the year.

Unfortunately, he was unable to come with us this past year. But, when Aladdin messaged him again this year, they got to reconnect over similar circumstances, and he was all for it.  He wanted to apply, but didn’t own a computer, so Aladdin offered his own so that he could fill out the application! Please keep him in prayer as we start to interview him and that the process of it all would be smooth. Thank you so much for your investment in us. Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to do this!

Bella is someone who CT has been recruiting to come to Asia for a while. When I (Jasmine) contacted her again this year, there was an interest that was sparked in Bella because of our new one-semester program. We continued to talk back and forth about life and what she was struggling with, but then one day, I came into the office to find out that Bella had applied to go to Asia the night before! I was so happy that I called her and found out that the night that she applied, she had opened the application online just to see what the questions were, and suddenly, a sense of overwhelming peace came over her and she knew that she was supposed to go to Asia. There wasn’t a doubt in her mind! I am so thankful that she was able to walk with Bella through these past two years, and it was because of you that she was able to do it! Thank you so much for your investment in this!