I met Anna at the university’s English Corner (a gathering of a group of people for the purpose of meeting new friends and practicing conversational English), I was advertising for our newly opened English oral classes (with the motive of attracting more students to share with), and also sharing a little bit about the story of my trip to the zoo (too many details haha) with a group of 4. That’s when I meet Anna, a graduate law student who is in desperate need of help for her English oral skills. She saw what I’ve been advertising and gained extreme interest in it and she went on to sign up for our English classes the next day. That is how she got connected to our workers.

One night she treated me for dinner for being a new friend and helping her on the English classes. I went on and shared with her on how God created us, and loved us by sacrificing His Son. She had never heard of anything like this before. We also talked about forgiveness. She really caught on to it, I think the Holy Spirit gave her some revelation on forgiveness. I do think she needed some redeeming on that part of her life regarding forgiveness. We connected really well. The next day, our workers that she connected with through the English classes continued to share with her on the gospel.

Guess what? Anna chose to believe in Christ! She then came to our church gathering, and got plugged into a training group (training group = discipleship training)! She is ready to be taught on what it means to follow the Son.

Ophelie (a French-major student, who plays classical piano in her leisure time, how elegant!) came into the family around the same period of time as Anna did. I saw how well Anna and Ophelie connected with each other at the gathering and I decided to take the initiative to put them into the same training group. Boom! Two saved souls got plugged into our discipleship training. How amazing God is to lead these girls to us; let’s lift up Anna & Ophelie that God would anoint and use them to grow His kingdom, that one day they will be leading people into the family, too.