I’m back from my 9-month trip in Asia!

What I did?

I baptized people. I lead Bible study groups. I lead prayer meetings. I shared the gospel with people I just met. I saw big prayers being answered. I saw breakthrough with the power of the Holy Spirit. I see how the Holy Spirit led our new believers on their first prayer ever to God. I learned with our newly believed friends on what it means to follow Christ. I led people to say the sinner’s prayer over meals. I taught them how to pray and how to worship. I sang from Bible verses;I sang in tongues. Going into visa offices and police stations pretending not to know the native language to avoid suspicion. My relationship with Him is so much closer. He used to feel like an authoritative figure to me; He was sacred and far away in my life. Now He feels like a very intimate friend and I can reach out to Him whenever and wherever I want.

If a year ago you told me that I could do all these things, I never would have believed you, but this is what I have done in the past year. I became so much stronger, spiritually and mentally in Him. Obeying Him paid off, being bold paid off, taking a leap of faith paid off. Your support paid off. Thank you for standing alongside me.

What I learned from living a year in Asia?

-Coffees in Asia are not great.
– They pay with just one scan on the QR code with their phones for almost all foods and products (every transaction can be cash-less and card-less), and the food delivery system is top-notch, EVERYTHING (even a cup of tea) can be delivered right to you front door.
– Spanish has the same way of pronunciation like Malay.
– The eagerness and desire of some of the young people have for learning English amazed me. They have some of the most versatile and organized English language learning organization. But their English literacy level among public is still very low.
– Cross-cultural friendships are the best, I get to meet friends from all over Asia in the city I was in, and I worked with Mexicans and Americans on my team. We learned so much from each other. I can honestly say cross-cultural friendships are the best relationships you can get.

What I learned from God himself through this journey?
– I can lean on Him because He is literally everywhere.
– Doing ministry here is everything I expected it to be, like doing all the first things I had never done before.
– Spending time with the Lord pays off. It gave me confidence in doing what I’m doing here.
– This journey has helped me a lot with my anxiety. That God is able to help me put all my fears and insecurities aside and just move forward with Him in mission.
– Witness immediately answered prayers, like sickness, financial difficulties, ministry breakthrough, etc.
– It’s an honor to be at the frontline preaching the gospel to non-believers, it changes the way I think and communicate with the people around me.
– It is such a blessing to get to work with Him daily, and to know my identity in Him even more.
– That my joy won’t be just coming from physical and materialistic pleasure like what I used to feel about happiness. I’m so much more hopeful that I can get actual happiness or true joy in this world through Him who gives me hope and strength.
– I want to live out Matt 28:19 no matter where I go.

So I can’t wait to meet you, catch up, and keep you updated on my future ministry direction. Thank you for being a part of this mission, everything I said above wouldn’t have happened without you. Stay strong and have faith!