I have been back in America for a little over 2 weeks now and it has been filled with lots of ups and downs. The process of adjusting back to America is quite the adventure full of tears, laughs, and Jesus. I wanted to let you all know what is coming up in the next couple of weeks and months as I begin this new and exciting journey. I am heading back out to CT’s headquarters on Monday the 12th, to start my internship with Campus Target. I will be there for two weeks and then I’ll be back home in the UP hopefully sitting down with many of you guys. I am so excited to tell you all about what God did in my 9 months of being in Asia and talking about all that is coming up. It was an incredible journey where I saw life transformation happen all around me. I will be getting in contact with many of you in the coming weeks and months. I am so excited to hear all the happenings in your lives as well!