Good to let you know how I’m doing now in Asia

“All I asked for was to have a closer relationship with Him, but He brought me to a place I never would have thought I’d have the privilege to experience for myself- His kingdom and harvest field; not only to visit but also be a part and to help plant seeds and reaps it.”

I had the biggest fear about connecting with people, but ever since I got here, God has asked me nothing but to connect with people. I can actually feel what it means by letting God work through me now; all the things I have done did not come from me, the caring and love that I have for all the people I met here came from God, it was His power and strength that got me through. I get to disciple 4 young girls now, I get to pray on campus every morning for Asia, the church, the campus, and empowering ourselves with the team here.

The life in this city is great, because being the wonderful amazing Father that He always is, He takes away all things that would make me uncomfortable and let me focus on His ministry. The food, the apartment, the environment, sometimes even the weather, I like all of it, I can adapt them well. More importantly, He takes away my anxiety. I used to feel anxious all the time, but now, even with all the strange surroundings, I have peace with me.

I get to connect with Deborah, Molly, Orange, and Amber; these are the girls that I’m doing separate small groups with (discipleship meetings partnering with the long-term worker here). They are college students and working young adults age range from 21-22. These girls are some of the members in our church that hadn’t been able to plug into a small group yet, I’m here being responsible on the part of plugging them into small group and disciple them on Bible lessons and life sharing. I connect with their life and also spiritual life, we learn and trust God that He will teach us about His heart together. In short, I’m their ‘spiritual big sister’ 😉

prayer requests: I managed to make great connections with most of the girls I have encountered here, with some I have shared my testimonies, but till this day I have only managed to share the full Gospel with one pre-believer. I really hope I get the boldness and courage from God that I will know the way to bridge in the Gospel more effectively when I hang out with my Asian friends.