In the last month, I (Stella) have started a small group with a girl named Diane. She has been a Christian for a while but recently she has desired to grow deeper. She studies at the old campus, which is about 40 minutes away from where we once had a greater presence.

So once a week I travel up to spend time with her and that time is so worth it! This girl is incredibly serious about her faith and wants to see her campus have tons of people join the family!

I am working on connecting other believers in the area into her group because there are quite a few students in that area that can’t make the trip down to us but want to keep growing!

We are in the middle of the best time of year to be sharing here, Christmas Time! Sunday night one of the teams Aragorn helped lead had their first Christmas party and about 20 people came. Of those twenty people 2 turned out to be in the family already and ANOTHER 2 JOINED THE FAMILY!! Praise God!

This coming week they will throw another party and our other team will have their first Christmas party! Both of us are planning a party for Friday the 30th for a bunch of our friends so please be lifting all these up. This is probably the most open time of year and we need all your prayer power behind us!