After two flight changes, a 14 hour layover in Minneapolis, and 24 more hours of travel across the globe, we arrived at our new home in X-Town. We drove the entire breadth of the city from the far north where the airport lays, to the south where the city meets the mountains. For the next two months, Stella and I (Aragorn) will be staying in a friend’s apartment while they are home in the States, and then in June we will find our first home together, in the far south of the city near a campus that we have yet to send people to.

We have both completed our first week of language study and are very excited for the next 3 months as we hone our language skills and prepare for our new positions come August. We will soon be making friends with people at our new campus called West-North, and begin to lead people to the Lord.

We are very excited to be here in our new city and to be starting a new work here. Thank you so much for all you do to support us as we further invest here!

Ways To Be Praying for Us:

– Continued growth in our language

– For new belivers at West-North

– Stella’s knee – she re-tore her meniscus hiking our last day in CO. It hinders her ability in going out to meet new friends, so please pray for a quick recovery