Not to long ago I spoke at church about my ministry to college students in Asia and my vision for long-term work there. As someone who has invested in my ministry to Asia, I wanted to first say thank you for giving! It’s so incredible to have people partner with me to see the lost college students come too know Jesus in Asia! I also wanted to connect with you and give you an update on my life as I am preparing to head beck overseas.

This last year and a half has been really incredible and I have learned so much. I’ve grown in my relationship with the Lord in ways I never could have imagined. Here is a quick recap!

Top 10 things that have happened during this last year:

1. Completed Campus Target’s 10-month internship in our HQ
2. Began Support Raising for long-term work in Asia
3. Took Bible classes at the local Bible college with other interns!
4. Commissioned for ministry with EF
5. Took language classes
6. Did outreach work at RIT (local college) and in Jamestown
7. Received leadership training
8. Spoke at Evangel Assembly of God and met some incredible people!
9. Participated in Campus Target’s 30 days of 24-hour prayer — I’ve grown so much in my prayer life!
10. Helped send out a new team for 10 months to Asia!