Our first week in a new land… It was full of excitement and challenges. One of the biggest challenges was living in a world where literally everything we own is Made in Asia. Within just the first few days my roommate Tigerlily was experiencing a few “minor” problems with her bathroom. On the first day, her sink broke and on the second day, her shower head tore open and punched her in the face. So we’re now down to one bathroom. The following day we go to take a shower, and the water comes out brown : / Yucky. A fun start to our nine months.

To top it off, one day on campus we had locked our bikes together (not to the pole), and when we returned we realized the code had changed, so our bikes were permanently stuck together! This was a great learning experience. Can you say ‘capital ‘T’ in Teamwork’? Through this situation God really showed me the significance of the verse that we had learned in camp, “Two is better than one, for great is the return of their labor. Ephesians 4.”

God is working patience into me, especially realizing that my time is not just mine, but also my roommates. We are also working on communication with each other, it’s much more difficult than it looks. For example, we felt a leading to share with this one girl on campus over lunch, and then communication failed when my roommate felt peace about sharing and I wanted to leave due to our language barrier. Our communication skills strengthened though when we discussed what had happened after we left the campus.

P.S. My computer screen is completely cracked and I cannot see anything! I need to get this fixed.

Please Pray for: Computer issues, language barriers to lessen, confidence, our 2 new sisters, more sisters.