Hey team~

I’ve hardly moved all day; sitting on my bed this afternoon after getting hit hard by some strange sickness last night, but at least it gives me a chance to catch up with all of you. >_<

Us leaders are enjoying a little more breathing room after the first few weeks of receiving and training a new team….always one of the most intense times of year. But it’s always worth it, as we see the newbies begin to transform in ways that only being out here and giving everything for the harvest will do. There has also been some good fruit already, as we have seen about 8 Asian students here in K-Town make decisions for Jesus, C-Town has seen several, and bum-bada-bum, in X-Town we have 13 new brothers and sisters!!! (most of whom are males, praise the Lord)

These are future world changers you guys! I’m not kidding. . . our bro Climbing who is about a year old in God came back this year with vision to match his passion. He is going to write a manifesto (think Little Red Book from Mao’s era) that links Asian history and culture with our Christian faith in new revolutionary ways. Hoho!

Please be lifting up the following:

**For wisdom in training new believers – group formation and true discipleship.

**That we would all hear His voice clearly and walk in radical obedience.


Love and prayers~