These past two weeks at training camp have been a blast! Meeting my roommate with joy and excitement as we stay up almost all night eating blueberries and talking about the past. The more we talk the more we learn we have so much in common and why we are roommates.  We start our day off with morning exercise at six in the morning, I know it sounds bad right?  It wasn’t really too bad though, we had a theme each day which would teach us how to work together as a team.

Next my favorite part of training camp was when we had a guest speaker come talk to us about how God called him to missions. We all worshiped and just sat In the presence of God. The guest went around and prayed prophetically over people in the room. As he came my way he started to pray over me. I was freaking out on the inside, the words coming out of this man’s mouth are things deep in my soul that I never spoke to anyone but God about.  As tears fall down my face I feel this overwhelming peace, now I am speechless in awe of the one who created me. As we push forward learning tons of information to try and prepare us for this exciting adventure. Keep me and my roommate in prayer as we face this exciting new adventure.  Love you all thanks for the support and prayer!