It happened.

It really did.

A little vague? What is “it” you ask?

Well here you have “it”:

  • Sixteen young adults landed in Asia after completing just over 2 weeks of training – which was no easy task… they had to endure 6:30am workouts with me. And they have hit the ground running… we have already seen fruit from the seeds they have been sowing!
  • D and M received their visas and have their plane tickets! They leave for C-land on Monday!
  • I got to spend the last few weeks with my entire family… all together! It was an absolutely precious season for our family.

It has been a busy season with training camp, support raising and helping the Mexican girls prepare to leave, but it has been worth it! Hearing the testimonies of changed lives and the stories of Hope found makes every phone call to the Asian embassy in Mexico, every jumping jack at 6:34am, and every hour spent staring at my computer screen researching visas and plane tickets absolutely worth it! Thank you for recognizing the value in young lives transformed by love…they really are worth it!