I have gave God my full trust. I’ve raised $400 within theses past two weeks. I am truly blessed with everyone who has been supporting me during this journey. I am leaving June 6th!!!!! This wouldn’t be possible without each and everyone of you. I am truly blessed to have the support, prayers, and for you walking with me theses past couple of years.

These past two years, I’ve had doubts and fears if I was going to make it and if this is what God is actually calling me for. In the mix of my wonderings. God has been so faithful and good! He has been walking with me each step of the way, showing me what he has plan for me. I would not be the women today if God never had took me through the valley these past couple of years. I now have a foundation that is rooted in Him and Him alone. I’ve peace like I have never had before, I am ready for this journey!! I can not wait for this journey of three years to begin!

Such a blessing this testimony is…

A week ago, my leader Beyonce called me. She proceeded to tell me she was at a church in PA talking about the works that we do in Asia. Afterwards a gentleman had approach Beyonce and her husband. The man began telling them how beautiful the work they do is and asked how can he be a part of it. He wanted to support them but they ended up bringing up my name due to them being fully funded. Beyonce had talked about how my journey has been for the past two years. Also, she shared about what I will be doing in Asia and that she would love for me to get there soon. The man asked how much I needed to raise and she told him roughly about $200/mpnth. He then asked where he could sign up to support me. She gave him information and then I was able to talk with him and his wife on the phone about my journey. They are a wonderful couple who God placed in my path. They’ve been walking with the Lord for many years, and its such a privileged to have them join my journey!

Talking about going out with a big bang! God always finished what he starts. What a representation of his power!!