Wait we’re praying for other people?” I whispered to one of my roommates. My team was lined up in front of the stage at a local church. The pastor had just called my team up to the front. I thought the congregation was going to pray for us. Plot twist, we were going to pray for them.

Before the service started, a married couple I already knew “happened” to be at the church where my team was that morning. I saw them before the service and gave them a big hug, but now I had the opportunity to pray with them. Recently this couple has entered a difficult season. They have been discouraged, confused, and even depressed. But they know God has something greater in store for them, as they are both believers like me.

I was thrilled to pray for them! They had been on my heart and I yearned to pray with them in person. The HS gave me specific words to speak over them. As I prayed with them, I could tell the HS was filling me to pour out what was on God’s heart for them. After I was finished, I embraced them both with tears in my eyes. My heart was bursting with hope and love for two people who are seeking after God, wanting to experience His love in a new and fresh way.
In just 1 week from today, I will have similar opportunities to walk alongside college students as they face the ups and downs in life. It is my hope that through my friendship with them, they will see God’s love in my life and want to experience His love for themselves!