“So what do I need to do to become a believer?” Charlie asked, right before we arrived at the ping pong tables. I had to sit down! Here was a guy who had said yes to God, but then changed his mind. And somehow he was still open to the good news!

I walked him through the simple steps he would need to take to follow God. “Next time you see me, you can ask me what I have decided,” he told me.

My roommates and I met up with him a few days later and it didn’t take long for him to tell us he decided he was not ready to follow God. As we continued eating dinner, I shared with him more about what life with God is like. Then out of nowhere he turns to me and says, “I want to become a believer.” I didn’t see that coming!

As dinner wrapped up, my roommates and I made plans to see him again the next day. When we saw him, it became clear that this time he was all in. There was no doubt in our minds that he had already begun counting the cost of the decision and wanted to move forward in his faith. He wants to take it slow because he knows how important his decision is.

I am proud to say Charlie is now your brother! I have all confidence that God is going to draw him even closer to Himself. It’s these moments that remind me of why I am here.