As October steams ahead, the opportunity for group outreach is ever increasing. We have three big upcoming holidays that we can use to throw parties and invite friends to, starting with Halloween! As the holidays come closer, we (Saphira and I) are also very excited to have our first Christmas on our own. We are excited because we get to start our very own family traditions starting this year.

Some exciting things are happening in the work right now! Saphira has herself five sisters that she is leading and seeing some really awesome fruit from. We have a new sister named Shirley! Saphira met with her two weeks ago and she gave herself to God right on the spot. Saphira met with her the next week and started to do our leading process and Shirley is just so excited! This past week we saw her share with six people already! It is quite inspiring to us foreigners here to see someone catch the vision and just run with it like this!