Sonic and I first met Rivers a few weeks ago in one of the cafeterias on campus. God highlighted him for us and we were planning to share the gospel with him over dinner. We got interrupted as we were about to start sharing and then he had to go back to his dorm anyway. But I knew that God had more planned for our new friendship with Rivers.

I made plans for Sonic, Sanka, and I to have dinner with Rivers the week after we met him. We planned on sharing with him this time, but it was more than that. God gave me a sense of urgency in my heart. Rivers had to know who God was! I had to tell him! I felt like a runner competing in a race. I had to get to the finish line!

Over some very delicious dishes, we began to tell Rivers about Jesus. We told Rivers how much Jesus loves him as part of His creation and how God wants to have a relationship with him. We took our time sharing the gospel. When we asked Rivers if he wanted to follow God, he said yes he wanted to. But something in all of us told us to be absolutely sure Rivers knew what he was getting into.

So we told Rivers that a new life with God is not always easy. There will be tough times and there will be good times too, but we get to pray to God through everything we face in life. So then we asked Rivers again if he wanted to follow God and again he said YES!

After we got done praying with Rivers, I asked him how he felt. He said, “I have feelings.” He had no way to express his feelings in English, despite our guesses at how he felt. We even asked if he felt happy. But he told us, “It’s more than that.” That’s pretty cool!

What an incredible experience it was to add a new brother to God’s family. God is doing some incredible things here among the students of this campus, in X-town, and in Asia as a whole. I am so honored to be a part of God’s movement here.