For our regular Friday afternoon outreach, Enoch told us to each have a booth on campus in order to make friends with similar hobbies as ourselves. I’m a Planner Girl, and there’s a general community here similar to the Planning Community in the US. I brought a little table to campus and opened up all of my planners on it. Within the two hours, my station was set up, I made 35 friends, and I was interviewed and put on school-wide social media! I did not plan any of this amazing favor at all – it was all totally God! More than that, girls I have never met kept adding me on social media even three days later because of the post, and now my Planner Club Chat Group is up to more than 50 girls from this university!

Because I had so many new friends who were interested in meeting and all working on our planners together, I planned a Meetup for Saturday the following week. To prepare, I made a Planner Good News Presentation, and it’s been a hit with people I know well and my new Planner friends so far. I was a little disappointed that I stayed at the meeting location for four hours and only three girls came, but they all got to hear the Gospel! What’s more, my new friend Juliska accepted Jesus and became my newest little sister here! Praise the Lord! I am planning another Meetup on the other campus this Saturday! Bring the harvest, Dad! Affect the whole university by these girls!