I was able to return to Asia for 2 weeks in the beginning of July. My trip was a lot different than when I was there this past December. For one thing, it was hotter! But more importantly there was a different focus for my time there.

When I returned to X-Town a teammate and I got to share the Gospel right away. It was great to reconnect with some of the workers in the city and hear how the Lord was working. I met Kristine, one of a handful of graduating seniors. Kristine is the person who received the guitar I brought over on my last trip. The guitar was donated by a local non-profit near where I live. It was very touching to meet a believer I had heard so much about. I had lunch with a young man named Jack who is one of our key disciples in that city along with another Asian believer who I had been praying for only a few weeks before. God is so good!

The bulk of my time was spent in C-Town. It started off with a 10-hour bus ride to a park full of mountains and waterfalls. Our team spent two days there soaking in God’s creation and spending time bonding as a team. I had many valuable conversations with workers from all three of our cities. After our two days in the mountains, we spent two days sharing testimonies about our first ten years as a ministry. We laughed and cried together as we recalled our happy moments and our struggles. The theme of those two days was “Our Foolishness and God’s Faithfulness.”

I closed out my time spending four days with the entire team for the annual long-term workers’ retreat. During this time we did a lot of reflection on where God was taking us as a team as well as individually and what He is ultimately asking us to do in the coming year and years! We sat under great teaching about the areas of accountability and resentment.

You are probably wondering about the title of my email. Over many months and during my time with God while in Asia one thing has become clear — God’s five-year plan for my life. I have committed the next five years of my life to the work I am doing here at Campus Target.