Rita was a girl we met back in the fall of 2010 in GZ. She was a college student that wasn’t sure what she thought of a God that allowed bad things to happen to good people. I’ll never forget the moment she asked me to not tell her about Jesus anymore and I was heartbroken.

However, I will also never forget the moment at a Christmas Eve party as several of us from the house church were walking home; Rita shared that she had given her heart to Jesus. To explain the joy that came from walking with Rita as she grew in her relationship with Jesus and then to baptize her in a blow-up kiddie pool in my apartment was one of my greatest privileges.

Rita now lives in a major city in Asia. While I was in Asia, she came and spent a few days with me. We talked about her boyfriend, politics, work and our favorite milk tea spot. She talked with me about when she struggles with her faith and asked me to explain passages of scripture. But we mainly talked about how sweet our Savior is and how we’ve both grown so much in the last 6 years. One thing she said to me was…

“I don’t always understand what God is doing in this season, but if I ever question anything, I think back to the moments of us crowded into a hotel room worshiping Jesus. Those were some of the sweetest moments of my life.”

My three weeks in Asia this summer were one of the most powerful times in my life and I can’t wait to share it all with you. But I first wanted to remind you of Rita and how you prayed for her and believed with me that God wanted to do something incredible in her life — and He is!

I’ve cried so many tears the last few weeks as I have been able to see with my own eyes God’s faithfulness to the Gospel in Asia. We are doing something together that is making a lasting impression in the generations of young people across the ocean and I am so privileged to walk this journey with you.

Prayer Requests:

  • We have a team of 11 young people who will be arriving for Training Camp next week to prepare to spend the next 10 months in Asia. Be praying as I run this event and for the team.
  • Please be praying for Rita as she continues to grow in her relationship with Christ and doesn’t live in a city that is very open to the Gospel.