On May 20th, I completed my 6th consecutive Ride for Missing Children to raise money for my local chapter of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The day was full of sunshine, smiling children and teachers, encouraging supporters along the road, good food, and lots of pedaling.

The week after the ride, I drove 14+ hours to Iowa to judge the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals. I saw many talented children from around the country as well as countries such as Poland, Canada, and Asia.

On the way home, I also got to visit my cousin and his daughter in Chicago and briefly visit Notre Dame University. After nearly 2,000 miles of driving, I’m glad to be home. Now I am preparing for my upcoming trip to Asia.

A key part to my trip preparations was getting a new visa. Thankfully, I recently received my 10-year visa, which was a great answer to prayer. This will allow me to make yearly trips without the cost of a new visa each year. I was pretty sure I would be granted the 10-year visa, but you never know sometimes.

On June 28th, I will be flying out with a fellow teammate. I am looking forward to sharing the Gospel in X-Town , the city I traveled to back in December. I also look forward to being able to connect with team members from our three cities. We will get to celebrate all that the Lord has done these past 10 years in Campus Target as well as ask Him what He has in store for the next year and beyond. We want our vision to align with God’s vision for the students in Asia and the work we are doing!