Many times as we look forward to a new year we make resolutions. Last year I decided to take a different approach and asked 3 questions:

What am I asking God for this year?
What is God telling me this year will hold? (a specific word)
What is one area that God is challenging me to grow in this year?

I wanted to share some of my answers to those questions from 2016.  I asked God to help me be more disciplined in my quiet time, and to provide financially in special ways. I’m blessed to say He did both in my life! The word God gave me for 2016 was salvation, and we have definitely seen incredible fruit during this last year of Campus Target. More students have come into His family and are attending Bible studies and meetings. Praise the Lord!

As the New Year 2017 begins I want to give you a summary of what lies ahead for the ministry and my role in it. Will you join me in prayer for these specific times and events?

January – May: During the spring semester (just like the fall semester) I will be busy setting up and planning all of our recruiting trips. We have 13 events planned so far with many others in the works. These events include a missions conference at the Word of Life Bible Institute (NY campus) (January 19-21), Jubilee Conference in Pittsburgh (February 17-19), a series of 3 events in Michigan the following week, the spring BASIC conference, and a number of BASIC and InterVarsity campus groups.

April 6-9: This is our annual April Training event. This is when we invite potential recruits who are in the application process to receive training on support raising and learn more about us as we get to know them. About a week later, we finalize the team that will go to Asia in August. I will be heavily involved during this weekend in my primary role on the recruiting team.

June – early August:  Our team leaving for Asia in August is finalized. I will be the main point of contact for communicating details they need before getting on the plane at the end of summer. This requires me to be “on call” to answer questions at any time. I help them navigate bank account applications, visa applications, and securing plane tickets among other things.

August 9-22 (tentative dates): This time is our Training Camp for all of our new workers headed to Asia. It involves long days helping with training, doing whatever is needed to help our new workers, and doing a lot of hustling to make sure they are ready when it comes time to leave the country.

September – December: The fall semester will be similar the spring semester. Typically we have more events in the fall and it is filled with missions conferences and missions emphasis weeks at local colleges. This past year we had around 20 events. We will have about the same number next fall if not more.

On an ongoing basis during the year, I oversee our new website, which includes posting all blogs by our workers and regular website maintenance, send monthly updates to our subscribers, send monthly prayer updates to our prayer support team, and execute our social media. You can follow us @campustarget on Instagram and Twitter and find us on Facebook too!

Looking forward to 2017! God Bless you all!