I have just returned from a land many have seen in movies; mystical as it may appear, it does exist. The land of S-La is a cascade of beauty and also harsh elements. The people there have been painted with the day to day climate as some of them wear leathery skin, but their hearts still are warm to receive love. At an altitude of almost 10,500 feet this place literally takes your breath away! I was able to do my first cross fit workout at this altitude which was really exhilarating. That same day while out on an afternoon time of praying with some fellow believers we were led by The Spirit to a large iron wall. In this case being lead by the Spirit means we listened the best we could and tried to go where the Holy Spirit was leading us. We had no idea what was on the other side of the wall, but may I tell you?

We were then prompted by the Spirit to knock on a large metal door and then enter. My friend who is hosting us led the way. When we knocked on door some lady answered alarmed as to what we were doing. We told them we were there to bless them and spend time with them. Immediately, they welcomed us and brought us to an all glass building. This building was outfitted with a stove as you can see the smoke stack coming out of the side of the structure. Most every building in this city does not have central heat and so everyone huddles around small stoves like this.

Once inside the building we began to introduce ourselves and share a little bit about our lives. They were so eager to know more about us, but also be as hospitable as anyone I’ve ever been around. The Asian cultures are so generous! As we are sipping on hot tea, interestingly enough, not mixed with yak milk, as our previous experiences had been. As a side, yak milk is very buttery, but takes getting used to (think bullet proof tea instead of coffee). While we continue to share we also prayed for an open door to speak about the good news to the ladies.

Holy Spirit begin to share with me that many of them have pain in their bodies, ranging from necks to backs to knees. We ask them after a few more minutes of good conversation if we could pray for them and Jesus would take away the pain. It’s incredible to share the good news, but it is just a bonus to see people healed as well. We did not lay hands on anyone. We simply asked His Presence to come and bring healing! With a short prayer all of them were checking out their bodies with varied degrees of astonishment because of what had just happened. We asked them how they were doing and many of them were delighted that the pain had left! We prayed a second time for those who had a lingering symptoms and Jesus did His work to see that no more pain would remain. There were seven ladies and all of them out of their own lips proclaimed the name of Jesus as healer and He provided fully! Incredible!!! I never get tired of being part of this 🙂

As you can imagine this sets up a wonderful opportunity to continue to share that if Jesus heals your physical body, He also wants to take away your sin! We shared the good news with them and all of them received unanimously! Amazing! So much joy filled that little room like lost family members have been reunited! Such a wonderful privilege.

You might be asking yourself what happens to these ladies after we leave? That’s a great question and there are actually people who want to lay down their lives to simply reach these unreached people. They stay in the area and disciple them and this becomes the first body of believers to worship together!