Hey Friends! Last week I headed over to my friend Blair’s house solo. Typically, my roommate Merah and I do everything together. I arrived at Blair’s house and we’re just catching up when she asks me, “Are there any movies about Jesus?” Surprised, I say, “Of course!” and mentioned a few. SHE suggested that we watch one.

Now, let me remind you, Blair is a believer as of January. A couple minutes later, Blair’s friend, Carrie, comes over. Soon, we’re watching the movie Son of God, but the internet connection is so poor that there are long pauses throughout the time we’re watching it because it needed time to load. I used those opportunities to explain certain aspects of Jewish tradition that give a more well-rounded perspective to the good news. The girls were understanding pretty well, considering this was all brand new information to them! At one point, Blair said to Carrie, “The reason I said yes to Jesus was because there was nothing else required of me other than to believe.”

Carrie was so surprised at this. Asian culture tells people they have to perform and do well in everything to be accepted and included, to be justified. Blair also told Carrie that her father told her to believe in Jesus, that it would be good for her!!!! This is very rare for Asian parents to say. So, I turned to Carrie and asked her if she believed Jesus is who He says He is and that He has done what He needed to do. She said yes!!!

Later on, we prayed, and Carrie officially began a relationship with God!!!