Asia life is not going too bad. Full-time language study is difficult, to say the least. Other people say I’m doing fine. It’s not an especially hard language to learn. The structure is quite simple and makes sense most of the time. It’s just that coming from an only English-speaking background, I have to re-wire my thinking and muscle memory. Also, according to my teachers, I have lazy lips. In order to produce the sounds accurately requires me to change the position of my tongue and lips in what seems an unnatural state. Also, part of the study is remaining in the language for most of the day and not transitioning back and forth into English. This breaks immersion and resets the thoughts out of the local language.

Hence my relationship with nanna naps. My brain can’t handle it and it’s better to sleep for a bit than to watch an english speaking tv show or movie. I would appreciate being lifted up in this area. My relationship with Dad is very important. It’s a lonely time. Of all the things, I miss not being able to express myself.

In saying all that, I press on.

There have been a few opportunities to share with friends and it’s been a refreshing side to this journey. I got to share with a guy who calls himself William the 1st. He has been shared with many times before from several different groups. He said to me “why do all foreigners believe in Jesus? My grandma is a Christian”. I asked him what he thinks about it. William responded by saying “It’s interesting”. We have been praying for him that there would be a typhoon in his heart where he could not deny the reality of God and His desire for a relationship with Him.

What typhoons have been going on in your life and have they pressed you closer to Dad recently? He is the only sure foundation we have. The comfortable life is not necessarily the best life we could live.