I’m back and sorry that I’ve been MIA for so long. God has been doing some amazing things here in X-town! In the past month we’ve seen over 25 people come into the family. Every time I hear that, my jaw drops in amazement. God is just so good! Just this past weekend a friend named Crystal, my teammate and I met a month ago, finally decided to join the family after weeks of praying for her. We rejoiced and praised God for His faithfulness, mercy, love, and beautiful grace in our lives. But as I sat down to share the amazing journey of my friend Crystal with you all, my mind and heart were consumed elsewhere.

I wanted to take this moment to chat with you all what has been going on in my heart in mind during this past month. Although I am physically in Asia, I began to notice that my heart just wasn’t here. Moments in the day I caught myself missing the smell of fresh air or the ability to get in my car and driving to see the people I love. Things, I hate to say, I took for granted. Now don’t get me wrong, missing home is okay but I would catch myself dreaming of that day when I would get off the plane and touch American soil. There were moments in the day where I would begin to pray that I got sick and had to go home to America. Hey, I know it’s pretty extreme but when your heart aches for something it can have you pray for some pretty crazy things. Haha! But in these moments is when I began to cling on to God, crying out that He would give me the ability to not only to live but to thrive here.

It is sometimes hard to see or understand how things will get better. But as you pray with everything you have you begin to see the clouds moving and the sun beginning to peer out from behind the once looming darkness. It’s like the fresh air that I’ve been craving, finally begins seeping back into my veins.

I am not going to lie; this has been the most challenging month of my life. But amidst all of the challenges and frustrations, I have seen the King of Kings become more and more famous. I have seen college students fall in love with the one who first loved them. And I have seen my heart turn and fall more in love with our God.